Strawberry Coconut Shortcake

Recipe: Lamington Sponge

1000g Biscamix Sponge Vanilla
600g Eggs
300g Desicated Coconut Powder
200g Milk

Recipe Coating:

250g Fruitafill Strawberry
100g Water


100g Desicated Coconut Powder


  • Mix all together using a whisk attachment
  • Mix for 1 minute at slow speed
  • Mix for 5 minutes on high speed
  • Scale 550g batter in 18 x 18 x 5cm trays
  • Bake at 180°C for 30-35 minutes in a deck oven, or 160°C in a rotary oven
  • Slice the cake in 3.5 x 9cm pcs once the cake has cooled down

Method Coating:

  • For coating, heat Fruitafill strawberry with water. Dip the Lamington sponge in warm mixture from all sides and coat with it desiccated coconut powder


  • 4 moulds, that is 10pcs each = 40 portions of Lamington pastry.